Our Menu

Signature CockTail
Yuzu Gimlet ** [short]
smooth, refreshing rice shochu, lime yuzu peast
Alexander ** [short]
sweet, creamy blandy or shochu cacao fresh cream
Schochu Martini * [short]
herby, smooth rice and barley shochu, dry vermouth
Schochu Negroni ** [on the rock]
sweet, rich & bitter, sweet potato shochu, campari sweet vermouth
Hanky Panky ** [short]
herby, rich & sweet rice and sweet potato shochu, japanese gin, bitter liqueur
Coffee Negroni ** [on the rock]
coffee, bitter & sweet shochu, campari, coffee liqueur
Pinacorada * [short]
sweet, coconut & creamy rum or shochu pine coconut
Classic Cocktail
Bloody Mary * [on the rock]
chili, spicy chili vodka, vodka
Dark & Stormy * [short]
ginger, refreshing dark rum, ginger beer, fresh lime
Million Dollar * [short]
sweet, refreshing gin, fresh pineapple, vermouth
Penicillin *** [short]
smoky, ginger, bitter & sour smoky whisky, bitter
French 75 or 95 ** [short]
dry, refreshing gin, bourbon, lemon, sparkling
Pink Lady ** [short]
sweet, sour & refreshing gin, fresh pomegrenate, lemon
Whisky Sour ** [short]
simple smooth whisky, egg white [no eggwhite], lemon
Manhattan *** [short]
sweet rich bourbon, vermouth
Fruits Cocktail
Strawberry * [long/short]
champagne or gin or rum
Mango * [short]
shochu or whisky or dark rum
Pineapple * [short]
rum or gin or tequila or shochu
Grape * [long/short]
gin or brandy or sake
Pomegranate * [long/short]
gin or calvados or shochu
Cinnamon Apple * [short]
gin or rum or shochu
Orange * [short/long]
gin or rum or champagne
Barrel Aged on the rock
Negroni **
gin, campari, sweet vermouth
Rusty Nail **
scoth whisky, drambuie
God Father **
scotch whisky, amaretto
Hunter **
Bourbon whisky, cherry brandy
Taimatsu **
calvados, barley, shochu
Our Whisky, Wine and Beer selection after charge. Please Check with our Friendly Bartender for Recommendation
Dashi Fris
Choice of Sansho or Shicimi Seasoning
Dashimaki Tamago-Sand
(Japanese oemelet sandwich) Egg, Dashi, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Echire Butter, Bread, Pickles
(with Pork Bacon)
Egg, Bacon, Parmesan, Japanese white miso, Feesh cream, Truffle oil
Beef katsu-Sand
(Japanese style fillet cutlet sandwich) Beef fillet, Egg, Breadcrumbs, Bread, Homemade Katsu Sauce, Pickles
Ebi katsu -Sand
(Japanese sandwich) Shrimp, Fish Paste, Onion, Egg, Breadcrumbs, Bread, Homemade Tartar Sauce, Dill, Pickles
Aglio olio
(with pork bacon or shrimp and Squid)
Extra virgin olive oil, Chili, Garlic, Pork bacon, shrimp, Squid, japanese white dashi